ANDREW & LUCY - Carlowrie Castle, Edinburgh

Today we're grateful for those babes over at Studio 1208 for letting us in on a very good thing when they referred us to Andrew & Lucy. 

Andrew, an ex-professional footballer, and Lucy, an all Scottish babe who is a Wedding Planner by trade, married in the most fairytale of Scottish Castles - Carlowrie Castle. But don't be deceived by it's traditional exterior - inside, lies an eccentric, modern refurbishment - with rad art in every corner. 

Lucy wore a Hayley Paige gown coupled with studded Valentino heels (which matched her flower girl who wore a tiny version of the same design - adorbs! )
Her maids were dressed in floor length gold sequin dresses, whereas, Andrew opted for tuxedo's for him & his best men.

Every single detail - on point. Like me, Lucy's seen her fair share of weddings and it's safe to say she had every detail covered - right down to her round menu, to fit perfectly inside her round charge plates.  An OCD photographers dream.   

A delicate bouquet made entirely of orchids, the heart-shaped Krispy Kreme Doughnuts handed out to guests before dinner, and Andrew's classic red-soled Christian Louboutin's. Dying. 

'What's my favourite memory of the day?', I hear you ask...'s got to be Lucy dancing with her Dad - I've never seen a father and daughter more passionate about belting out every word of a song - throwing each other across the dance floor. Literally. Such a special moment that was completely theirs. I'd have to ask her what the song was called.... I'm pretty sure it was Scottish. Lucy?

I absolutely adored these guys, and my heart leaped for joy when I met them. They were genuinely so in love, and their wedding was one to remember forever.

Seriously - this wedding was sick and I'm not sure my attempt at explaining can really do it justice... so hopefully a few cheeky photos of their day will make you love them as much as I did. Scroll down for the good stuff... 


And a quick shoutout to Studio 1208, who are always the best in the business to work with. 

Here's their video trailer :


Almost 6 months on, you might agree that it's about time I shared my own wedding photos SOMEWHERE. And I've found the commitment of choosing just 1 to frame on my wall quite overwhelming....  Life is hard. 

Now, being in the business of regularly capturing people's 'best day of your life' days - you can imagine that choosing a photographer for my own was a BIG DEAL kind of decision.

Luckily, one of my favourite friends happens to ALSO be my favourite photographer - Hunter Leone of Three Nails Photography. He flew all the way from the U.S.A to freeze some of those once in a lifetime moments for me - and quite frankly, I am obsessed with this day. The people, the venue, the man I married.

Let's go back and do it all again? 

Filmed by Ben Walton & edited by the babe Adam Lyduch

Credits :

Makeup - Zoe Cornwell 

Hair - Love Hair 

Dress - Wilden Bride 

Velvet Jacket - Noose & Monkey 

Styling - My Vintage Flower 

Venue - Aynhoe Park 

Video - Ben Walton / Adam Lyduch 

Festival Face Paint - In Your Dreams 

Burgers - The Beefy Boys 

Music - The White Keys 



Zoe & Mike - Modern Botanical Wedding - Essex

It was 'love at first swipe' for today's Kiwi/Essex couple, Zoe & Mike, who met on Tinder, fell in love, got engaged in New Zealand - and married in The Old Parish Rooms, Essex. 

Stunning model & HAMMMAAAZING makeup artist, Zoe, is a friend of mine (who also did my makeup for me on my own wedding day), and I was honoured that she would choose me to capture just some of those once in a lifetime moments on her wedding day. 

There was so much love in the room for Zoe & Mike and countless moments where, as a photographer, you really shouldn't be in tears. But.... I was. Totes emosh. 

I think you'll agree with me, you can just SEE that these guys are so in love. The bonus is, they're also effortlessly cool and made my job suspiciously easy. WIN WIN! 

**(Cheers to dating apps and falling into the kind of love that would cross oceans to be together). 

Nick & Rachel - Colourful Scottish / Eritrean Wedding, London

This has GOT to be one of the most visually stunning weddings i've ever had the pleasure of shooting. The coolest London wedding venues, and the most eclectic mix of peopel, food, decor and traditions. 

Rachel & Nick wanted their day to be the perfect mix of their Scottish & Eritrean roots, twisting together traditional and super cool modern details. Honestly, it was just so much fun! I mean, a Scottish Caleigh, and Traditional Eritrean food catered entirely by the Bride's Mum. Guests ate with their hands and later in the evening shower the bride with ACTUAL money. 

Come on England? Where's our 'showering the bride with money' traditions? Gutted. 

Enjoy Rachel & Nick's beautiful, fun day. 

You can also take a sneak at their wedding video here: (shot by that hunky videographer - Adam Lyduch) 

Steph & Seb - Dusky Blue & White Rustic Wedding - Kent

Do you know what I've realised? I've haven't blogged any of my wedding photography over the past 2 years. 

I know, right? What's wrong with me? I'm clearly not that great at this whole business thing. lol.

But seriously, I've noticed that i've only really shown people a snippet of the work i've done - the occasional instagram of a favourite pic from a wedding - and, do you know what? That's just not fair. To you, I mean.  You've been deprived. Clearly.  :) 

In all seriousness, though (but seriously serious). This wedding was the real deal. 

Steph & Seb's wedding was totally stunning. Elements of their personality were woven throughout the entire day - from Steph's bright blue shoes, to their table plan based on all of the places they had travelled in the world - with a cheeky speech delivered through the medium of song. Brilliant. 

Steph got ready in 'The White House' in Camber Sands - a house completely decorated with white interiors. In other words - a photographers wildest dream. They said their vows in Peasmarsh Church, and celebrated in 'The Great Barn', Rolvenden - transported in the tiniest vintage car (If I knew anything about cars - I'd tell you the type.... but I don't. All I know is that it was awesome. And small.)

One of my favourite weddings I've shot so far.


Roller Disco

Throwing a party? Getting married and confused by all the traditions? Whatever it is - here's some awesome ideas for throwing a kick-ass bash. 

Babes + balloons + glitter + inflatables + unicorns. All of the best things about life, right? 

The team: 

Photography - Jessica Withey Photography

Makeup - Jessie Dallimore MUA

Hair - Elle Martin Salon 

Decor & Styling - My Vintage Flower

Stationary - Something Kinda Cute

Florals - Early Hours Ltd  

Dresses - Ears & Whiskers (short dress), Inbal Dror 

Clothing - ASOS/ Ragged Priest 

Balloons - Bubblegum Balloons

Candyfloss & Cocktails - Delight Ice Cream & Treats 



Bohemian Babes.

It's about time I stopped being terrible and actually posted something on here. 

A lot has changed since my last post (4 flippin months ago! FOUR. Where the heck does time go?) - but one thing is true - you've been deprived. During those 4 months so many kick-ass photoshoots have been and gone, and you've had the chance to see absolutely none of them. 

So today, i'm keeping it short and sweet - and bringing you some of the action. RIGHT HERE. RIGHT NOW. It's going down. 

Today's treat : Bohemian Bridal Babe-in'. 


Three Nails Workshop : The Secret Garden

So, it's been a long while since I graced the pages of this blog with anything at all and today I've got something extra special to show you.

In October this year, my boyfriend and I took a spontaneous trip to America.


Well... If I must have a reason this would be it : 

I'd been planning on attending a Wedding Business Workshop in London at the end of this year. 

**Because... I've committed to attend at least one thing every year that challenges me, teaches me new skills and grows my business. Last year, I got to meet up with Cheyenne Schultz of The Schultzes Photography and have a 1-2-1 mentoring session in a tiny Starbucks with her. It was her photography that inspired me to even pick up a camera in the first place and this encounter changed my photography and my business entirely. 

Anyway... back to the point; this workshop in London. It was expensive but I'd planned on saving big time for it. 

This is where the Three Nails Workshop came and stole my heart. 

Hunter Leone, of Three Nails Photography, is by far one of my biggest photography inspirations. I'd consult his Facebook page whenever I needed motivation, or often, just to find something beautiful to look at. To attend HIS workshop was one of my big life bucket list goals. 

That's when I discovered the last remaining seat to one of Hunter's final workshops. To fly to America and attend his workshop was going to cost me the same amount as it would to attend the workshop in London. I mean.... WHO WOULDN'T fly across the world instead?

And off to America I flew.

Photography : Jessica Withey Photography 

Styling : Three Nails Photography 

MUAH : Meeka Reilford 

Event : Three Nails Workshop 

Recommended by me.

A happy, happy Friday to all of you that are tuning in for this blog post!

I've certainly got the Friday feeling all up in here, and with the weather we've had the last few weeks, it's literally impossible to frown. Am I right? It's like some kind of black magic is happening here in the UK, and I'm more than okay with it. 

This week, I'm taking some time to recommend to you just a few of my favourites in the wedding industry. (Sorry guys, but yes... more wedding talk.) 

This year I've been working a whole lot on collaborations, and I'm not stopping any time soon! I'm becoming pretty addicted to it if I'm honest, and the best part is that along the way I've definitely met some beauts.

There's something so exciting about dreaming crazy dreams with like-minded creatives, and making something that doesn't yet exist come to life. You should read some of the emails I've exchanged attempting to explain in real words what I envision in my mind - it's a pretty funny process but that's the beauty of finding people that 'get' you. 

We're already working on our next shoot, coming to your eye sockets very soon. But these ladies come so very highly recommended to you by me... because they rock. Plain and simple. If you're planning a wedding, or even if you just appreciate beautiful things, allow me to explain to you why you would be STUPID not to read on. 

a. You're here already... and you've already read this far. It'd be silly for you to quit now. 

b. There's pictures down there. 

c. If you have the option to meet these ladies regardless, I promise you, you should grab it. They are the best around and I can guarantee your wedding/ party/ christening/ bar mitzvah/ grandma's hen do and heck if nothing else, your LIFE will be better because you know them. DO IT.



Vintage Wedding Styling

Lindsay Edgecombe

I met Lindsay back in February at The Vintage Wedding Fayre whilst taking photos at the fayre... (she wasn't too keen on having a camera pointed in her face but I persevered). We didn't talk much on the day, if at all, but I picked up her business card with some sneaky ideas in mind. 

After emailing back and forth a few times it became apparent that we were about to embark on a giant adventure in styled shoots. 'Alice in Wonderland' like you'd never seen before. And the rest is literally history. We've got the bug, and it doesn't look like we'll be cured very soon. 

Lindsay is one of the coolest Mums around and I sometimes wonder if we're actually the same person but living life at a different time. Serious. 

We're currently working on our third collaboration, as well as a real wedding together in September and I'm super stoked about where this partnership will end up. We genuinely message each other most days with some kind of weird and wonderful idea - some of them are great, some are just impossible. Either way, I'm flippin glad I get to know her, and I wouldn't plan my own wedding without her, and nor should you. Take a look at some of her gorgeous tablescapes and styling : 


'Bespoke accessories for the social butterfly'

Ashley McMath

Funny story, Ash (on the left) and I have never met. We've worked on two styled shoots together so far, and we've only ever had the pleasure of emails. But let me tell you this, if there was an award for the most friendly email-er, Ash would win hands down. There are certain people's emails that give you a smile on your face, and she's one of them. Always so grateful for the opportunity to help, always excited and always hopeful that we'll actually get to meet sometime soon. Plus, she's so flippin talented at what she does. BONUS! For gorgeous bridal accessories, you need look no further. 

P.S. We're finally going to get to meet in August at the launch of her joint studio! CANNOT WAIT! 

Photography by Laura Power -

Photography by Laura Power -

Photography by Franka Photography 

Photography by Franka Photography 



Handmade, Bespoke Wedding Dresses

Sophie Creed

I found Sophie and her fabulous bespoke dresses when I spyed this gorgeous Mary Poppins inspired number (below) that she created for a styled shoot dreamed up by The Wedding Bazaar and photographed by the talented Laura Power Photography. I couldn't help but ask if she'd consider getting involved in our Wonderland shoot and, low and behold, here we are now planning our third shoot together. In fact, I loved her work so much that I drove my brother's fiancé down to her studio to find a dress - and now she's marrying my brother in one of Sophie's creations next week. 

Too talented and just super cool to know. As if you would shop anywhere else when you could have something MADE just for you, exactly how you want it!? Plus the dresses are just plain AWESOME, and the most flattering around. 

Photography by Laura Power -

Photography by Laura Power -

I hope I've given you just a small glimpse into the talents of the women I get to work with. You can't make a bad decision, unless you don't book them. 



Do it. 


Behind the Scenes

Isn't it true that we live in a world that promotes the sugar coated life? Portraying to the world that 'life is goooood', you have the most friends, the cutest kids, the most romantic husband and no-one could be happier. 

How about taking that 'awesome' life and compacting it into 140 characters? 

Cut out the bad bits, parade the good bits. 

Think about it :

Facebook. A social media site where the amount of 'Facebook friends' you have equates to how 'popular' you are. The photos you post indicate how happy the life you lead is. A place where you have the option to untag and unattach yourself from imperfection. 

Instagram. A photo sharing platform that offers you over 50 options to edit the photo you have just taken of your ordinary life, and make it appear extra-ordinary.

Twitter : 140 characters to convince people that the life you lead is far more fun than theirs.

The sad thing is that while the genuinely awesome stuff is happening all around us, we're sat with our phones in hand trying so hard to construct what looks like 'awesome'. 

Hey, don't get me wrong - I use these sites like any other person. I've even taken the liberty of  untagging myself from photos that I deemed as horrendous.

In fact i'm in the business of editing what was there, and making it more perfect; more beautiful. Photoshop, skin retouching, adding in the sun when it didn't shine. I know all about creating the illusion of perfection. 

But today - I dedicate this post to the unedited, unflattering side of life; the bits people never see because they don't quite fit the album title 'MY LIFE IS PERFECT'. 

If there is one thing I know... the carefully selected profile picture of you and your best girlfriends looks great... but behind the glamour there's 23 outtakes that no-one will ever see. 

Have you ever taken the time to look through those outtakes? It's in those photos that you'll see the most life in your eyes, genuine happiness in your smile. The people you love creased over in fits of giggles, countless double chins, and you dribbling because you laughed so hard. 

My point? Real life is beautiful without a filter. 


This week has been one of those weeks where, everywhere I look I seem to find beauty. Like a dream but actually in real life.

Let me tell you about one particular moment that stood out to me - Adam and myself were sitting... eating a full blown meal at lunchtime just because, for some reason, the quant little thatched pub that we'd stumbled across on the way to one of our little adventures, had seen it fit that all food should cost half price at lunchtimes (GIVE ME STEAAAAK!).

The Duke of Cumberland's Head  

The Duke of Cumberland's Head  

But this time, and probably for the first time ever, we were speechless. The kind of speechless where you're still talking but... it comes out as just some kind of noise.

'What the heck just happened!?'

Now, to give you some context... In my last blog I talked about how we'd been complimented by a waitress for being the most giggly couple she'd ever served... 

It wasn't because the steak was so magnificently cooked, or the paintings on the wall were of particular interest... no.  But because we'd just experienced something that we thought you could only ever see in fairytales - but in real ACTUAL life. 

Have you ever been so awe-inspired by something that you just wanted to run around?! That was my Tuesday. I don't like running... in fact sometimes I'm convinced that I'm allergic to it - but I kid you not, to run around was my first response.

I had a million and one ideas rushing through my little head and no way of making any sense of it - and the best part was that Adam couldn't make sense of it either! That guy.... 

This day had me dreaming whilst wide awake; not only about weird and wonderful photoshoot ideas (which is a given), but dreaming about the kind of wife I want to be, the kind of home I will have, being wise with my finances (WHAT!!?), about how exciting life gets from here. It's a lie that your best days are behind you. For those that want it, LIFE NEVER STOPS GETTING BETTER.  

For now I'll keep you guessing about what could possibly have been so great :) ...Yes, it's very possible we were over-reacting... and maybe the only reason that it was just so great was because he was there... but for us, no day had ever warranted the hashtag #bestdayever like this day.

I'm PUMPED! And you should be too! Look around you - I guarantee there are so many beautiful things that will inspire you to live life that little bit more colourful, if you'd only look. 


For now.... why don't you look at this photo of a floating giraffe - taken by me :)

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 15.46.24.png



Summer Bucket List

Summer time is quickly coming upon us.. and I just can't wait! The sun didn't set until 10.30pm the other night. WHAT IS THIS SORCERY? 

So naturally, with summer, there comes so many opportunities for fun that can only be had this time of year. Here's just a few that I'm aiming to do over these next few months : 

- Drink Pimms & Lemonade. Pretty self explanatory.

Take photos of life with my real camera (instead of with my iPhone). I've been particularly bad at this over the last two years. Big real cameras are heavy you know.

- JOHN MAYER CONCERT. Definitely happening. 

- Visit Aynhoe Park. This place has been on my mind ever since I found it online. I mean, stuffed animals with hats on... who doesn't want to see that!? 

- Finally find that flipping abandoned cotton mill with my man. WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU?

- Cycle in Europe. I don’t even care where. 

- Let's go to the beach. 

- Camping / Badminton. I feel like these two go hand in hand. Most, if not all, of the time. 

Hay Does Vintage - get me there. This village with vintage goodness? TRY AND STOP ME!

- Get down to Toi et Moi - I've been recommended this place numerous times by the most classy of women. I've got to do it!  


And here's a few business things I hope to do too

- Engagement shoot in a field of lavender. Ever since I found this place online in Hitchin its been my mission to get there with my camera and any couple that was up for it. The field next door is a sunflower field! WHAT THE!? 

- Blog once a week…. This is a steep one. Anyone that knows me will know that routine is not my forte. But what the heck... a girl's got to try! 

- Complete my registration with Mr & Mrs Unique Wedding Services. These guys are the crem-de-la-creme at finding the most unique wedding services in the UK and I'm going to be one of them! 

- Finally launch my new branding and website with a free engagement shoot giveaway. Look out for this one. It's been a few months now and I still haven't officially launched my new look - what better way to celebrate than give people free stuff?


To finish off... I can't think of anything more summery than sharing my own brother's engagement shoot in a field of buttercups? This time of year.... seriously.