This week has been one of those weeks where, everywhere I look I seem to find beauty. Like a dream but actually in real life.

Let me tell you about one particular moment that stood out to me - Adam and myself were sitting... eating a full blown meal at lunchtime just because, for some reason, the quant little thatched pub that we'd stumbled across on the way to one of our little adventures, had seen it fit that all food should cost half price at lunchtimes (GIVE ME STEAAAAK!).

The Duke of Cumberland's Head  

The Duke of Cumberland's Head  

But this time, and probably for the first time ever, we were speechless. The kind of speechless where you're still talking but... it comes out as just some kind of noise.

'What the heck just happened!?'

Now, to give you some context... In my last blog I talked about how we'd been complimented by a waitress for being the most giggly couple she'd ever served... 

It wasn't because the steak was so magnificently cooked, or the paintings on the wall were of particular interest... no.  But because we'd just experienced something that we thought you could only ever see in fairytales - but in real ACTUAL life. 

Have you ever been so awe-inspired by something that you just wanted to run around?! That was my Tuesday. I don't like running... in fact sometimes I'm convinced that I'm allergic to it - but I kid you not, to run around was my first response.

I had a million and one ideas rushing through my little head and no way of making any sense of it - and the best part was that Adam couldn't make sense of it either! That guy.... 

This day had me dreaming whilst wide awake; not only about weird and wonderful photoshoot ideas (which is a given), but dreaming about the kind of wife I want to be, the kind of home I will have, being wise with my finances (WHAT!!?), about how exciting life gets from here. It's a lie that your best days are behind you. For those that want it, LIFE NEVER STOPS GETTING BETTER.  

For now I'll keep you guessing about what could possibly have been so great :) ...Yes, it's very possible we were over-reacting... and maybe the only reason that it was just so great was because he was there... but for us, no day had ever warranted the hashtag #bestdayever like this day.

I'm PUMPED! And you should be too! Look around you - I guarantee there are so many beautiful things that will inspire you to live life that little bit more colourful, if you'd only look. 


For now.... why don't you look at this photo of a floating giraffe - taken by me :)

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 15.46.24.png