Behind the Scenes

Isn't it true that we live in a world that promotes the sugar coated life? Portraying to the world that 'life is goooood', you have the most friends, the cutest kids, the most romantic husband and no-one could be happier. 

How about taking that 'awesome' life and compacting it into 140 characters? 

Cut out the bad bits, parade the good bits. 

Think about it :

Facebook. A social media site where the amount of 'Facebook friends' you have equates to how 'popular' you are. The photos you post indicate how happy the life you lead is. A place where you have the option to untag and unattach yourself from imperfection. 

Instagram. A photo sharing platform that offers you over 50 options to edit the photo you have just taken of your ordinary life, and make it appear extra-ordinary.

Twitter : 140 characters to convince people that the life you lead is far more fun than theirs.

The sad thing is that while the genuinely awesome stuff is happening all around us, we're sat with our phones in hand trying so hard to construct what looks like 'awesome'. 

Hey, don't get me wrong - I use these sites like any other person. I've even taken the liberty of  untagging myself from photos that I deemed as horrendous.

In fact i'm in the business of editing what was there, and making it more perfect; more beautiful. Photoshop, skin retouching, adding in the sun when it didn't shine. I know all about creating the illusion of perfection. 

But today - I dedicate this post to the unedited, unflattering side of life; the bits people never see because they don't quite fit the album title 'MY LIFE IS PERFECT'. 

If there is one thing I know... the carefully selected profile picture of you and your best girlfriends looks great... but behind the glamour there's 23 outtakes that no-one will ever see. 

Have you ever taken the time to look through those outtakes? It's in those photos that you'll see the most life in your eyes, genuine happiness in your smile. The people you love creased over in fits of giggles, countless double chins, and you dribbling because you laughed so hard. 

My point? Real life is beautiful without a filter.