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A happy, happy Friday to all of you that are tuning in for this blog post!

I've certainly got the Friday feeling all up in here, and with the weather we've had the last few weeks, it's literally impossible to frown. Am I right? It's like some kind of black magic is happening here in the UK, and I'm more than okay with it. 

This week, I'm taking some time to recommend to you just a few of my favourites in the wedding industry. (Sorry guys, but yes... more wedding talk.) 

This year I've been working a whole lot on collaborations, and I'm not stopping any time soon! I'm becoming pretty addicted to it if I'm honest, and the best part is that along the way I've definitely met some beauts.

There's something so exciting about dreaming crazy dreams with like-minded creatives, and making something that doesn't yet exist come to life. You should read some of the emails I've exchanged attempting to explain in real words what I envision in my mind - it's a pretty funny process but that's the beauty of finding people that 'get' you. 

We're already working on our next shoot, coming to your eye sockets very soon. But these ladies come so very highly recommended to you by me... because they rock. Plain and simple. If you're planning a wedding, or even if you just appreciate beautiful things, allow me to explain to you why you would be STUPID not to read on. 

a. You're here already... and you've already read this far. It'd be silly for you to quit now. 

b. There's pictures down there. 

c. If you have the option to meet these ladies regardless, I promise you, you should grab it. They are the best around and I can guarantee your wedding/ party/ christening/ bar mitzvah/ grandma's hen do and heck if nothing else, your LIFE will be better because you know them. DO IT.



Vintage Wedding Styling

Lindsay Edgecombe

I met Lindsay back in February at The Vintage Wedding Fayre whilst taking photos at the fayre... (she wasn't too keen on having a camera pointed in her face but I persevered). We didn't talk much on the day, if at all, but I picked up her business card with some sneaky ideas in mind. 

After emailing back and forth a few times it became apparent that we were about to embark on a giant adventure in styled shoots. 'Alice in Wonderland' like you'd never seen before. And the rest is literally history. We've got the bug, and it doesn't look like we'll be cured very soon. 

Lindsay is one of the coolest Mums around and I sometimes wonder if we're actually the same person but living life at a different time. Serious. 

We're currently working on our third collaboration, as well as a real wedding together in September and I'm super stoked about where this partnership will end up. We genuinely message each other most days with some kind of weird and wonderful idea - some of them are great, some are just impossible. Either way, I'm flippin glad I get to know her, and I wouldn't plan my own wedding without her, and nor should you. Take a look at some of her gorgeous tablescapes and styling : 


'Bespoke accessories for the social butterfly'

Ashley McMath

Funny story, Ash (on the left) and I have never met. We've worked on two styled shoots together so far, and we've only ever had the pleasure of emails. But let me tell you this, if there was an award for the most friendly email-er, Ash would win hands down. There are certain people's emails that give you a smile on your face, and she's one of them. Always so grateful for the opportunity to help, always excited and always hopeful that we'll actually get to meet sometime soon. Plus, she's so flippin talented at what she does. BONUS! For gorgeous bridal accessories, you need look no further. 

P.S. We're finally going to get to meet in August at the launch of her joint studio! CANNOT WAIT! 

Photography by Laura Power -

Photography by Laura Power -

Photography by Franka Photography 

Photography by Franka Photography 



Handmade, Bespoke Wedding Dresses

Sophie Creed

I found Sophie and her fabulous bespoke dresses when I spyed this gorgeous Mary Poppins inspired number (below) that she created for a styled shoot dreamed up by The Wedding Bazaar and photographed by the talented Laura Power Photography. I couldn't help but ask if she'd consider getting involved in our Wonderland shoot and, low and behold, here we are now planning our third shoot together. In fact, I loved her work so much that I drove my brother's fiancé down to her studio to find a dress - and now she's marrying my brother in one of Sophie's creations next week. 

Too talented and just super cool to know. As if you would shop anywhere else when you could have something MADE just for you, exactly how you want it!? Plus the dresses are just plain AWESOME, and the most flattering around. 

Photography by Laura Power -

Photography by Laura Power -

I hope I've given you just a small glimpse into the talents of the women I get to work with. You can't make a bad decision, unless you don't book them. 



Do it.