Almost 6 months on, you might agree that it's about time I shared my own wedding photos SOMEWHERE. And I've found the commitment of choosing just 1 to frame on my wall quite overwhelming....  Life is hard. 

Now, being in the business of regularly capturing people's 'best day of your life' days - you can imagine that choosing a photographer for my own was a BIG DEAL kind of decision.

Luckily, one of my favourite friends happens to ALSO be my favourite photographer - Hunter Leone of Three Nails Photography. He flew all the way from the U.S.A to freeze some of those once in a lifetime moments for me - and quite frankly, I am obsessed with this day. The people, the venue, the man I married.

Let's go back and do it all again? 

Filmed by Ben Walton & edited by the babe Adam Lyduch

Credits :

Makeup - Zoe Cornwell 

Hair - Love Hair 

Dress - Wilden Bride 

Velvet Jacket - Noose & Monkey 

Styling - My Vintage Flower 

Venue - Aynhoe Park 

Video - Ben Walton / Adam Lyduch 

Festival Face Paint - In Your Dreams 

Burgers - The Beefy Boys 

Music - The White Keys