This year, winter coats are not only an essential for staying alive in this freezing British weather - but, instead - are beginning to become somewhat of a statement.

Remember when you only had one coat per year that literally got thrown over any and every outfit? 

In 2018 people own a coat or a jacket for every outfit - and although my bank account is already screaming at me, I'm starting to invest in more outerwear myself (YAY!) Some of my favourite outfits literally aren't finished without something fluffy or furry flung on top.  

You'll probably know by now that I like to make a statement with my coats & jackets, and it's no secret that I have developed quite the weakness for the legendary PUFFA. Fluffy ones, corduroy ones, shiny ones - It's a resounding 'HELL YES' from me. 

Have you jumped on the AW17 Puffa Jacket trend yet? 

Red Corduroy Puffer Jacket - Dorset - Durdle Door - Fashion Blogger - Jess Withey - Blog

As well as looking extremely cool (lol) in this UO Cropped Corduroy Jacket - you'll be pleased to know that - NOT ONLY is it beautiful, it's also practical and left me feeling as warm as a baby chicken. This beast is filled with so much padding that even in freezing winds on a beach in Dorset - I was toastier than toast. WIN. There's also some draw strings to pull on at the bottom really make you airtight & invincible. 

Plus, that seventies corduroy fabric in rusty red. DAYUM GIRL. 👌🏼

Black Shiny Patent Puffa Jacket - Topshop - Jessica Withey - Fashion Blogger - Blog

If you're like me, and you're drawn to shiny things - this jacket is a must-have. Once you get over the squeaky sound that ensues when you put it on - you can't help but feel fabulous in this bad boy. 

Pink Teddy Bear Puffer Jacket - Puffa - Urban Outfitters - Fashion Blogger - Jess Withey - Blog

And what about this old fave? Fluffy ✔️ Pink ✔️ Yes ✔️

There literally isn't one outfit I haven't worn this with - (sorry, not sorry). 

N.B. Experiencing regular 'lingering' hugs in this jacket. I don't blame them though - it's the softest thing you'll ever touch. I wonder if they make matching trousers ...

Hey, thanks for stopping by - why don't you leave me a comment below and tell me which is your fave? 

Jess xxx


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