Does A Good Pool Cue Matter?

A good pool cue can definitely make a difference in your game. If you have a cue that is well-balanced and feels good in your hand, it can help you make more consistent shots.

A cue that is too heavy or too light can be difficult to control, and a cue that is poorly made can warp or break easily. So, it is important to choose a cue that is of good quality and that feels comfortable to you. There are many different brands and styles of cues available, so it is worth taking the time to find one that suits your needs.

But first, we need to know what makes a pool cue good.

What makes a pool cue good

A good pool cue is more than just a tool for hitting balls. It’s the perfect extension of your arm and hand, and it can make all the difference between a win and a loss.

What makes a pool cue good? It all comes down to the materials it’s made of, how well it’s crafted, and how well it fits in your hand.

A pool cue should be easy to handle, with simple design elements like a straight shaft and clean lines that allow for easy gripping.

The tip should be durable and resistant to wear, but not so stiff that it makes it difficult to hit certain shots. And lastly, there should be no cracks or chips in the wood—these are signs that it’s been poorly constructed or damaged over time.


The first thing to consider is the weight of the cue. A heavier cue will be more stable and have more power behind it. A lighter cue will be easier to control and is better for making delicate shots. But, it is important to find a weight that suits your style of play.

pool cue and pool balls


The second thing to consider is the balance of the cue. A well-balanced cue will feel good in your hand and be easier to control. A poorly balanced cue will be more difficult to control and may cause you to miss shots.


The third thing to consider is the grip of the cue. A good grip will be comfortable and provide good control. A bad grip will be uncomfortable and can’t absorb sweat which will cause your cue to slip in your hand. This will reduce control and accuracy.


The fourth thing to consider is the tip of the cue. A good tip will provide good control and accuracy.


The fifth thing to consider is the shaft of the cue. A good shaft will be straight and free of defects. A bad shaft will be bent or have defects that will cause the cue to vibrate when hit.

There are 2 kinds of shafts in the market today, a standard deflection shaft and a low deflection shaft.

Standard or high deflection shafts are the most common pool cue shafts. As a ball comes off the tip of a standard deflection shaft, it will push the ball to the left or right in varying degrees of distance depending on how fast you are hitting the ball and where you make contact on the cue ball.

Low deflection shafts have fewer deflective properties than standard deflection cues. They tend to be more accurate as they have less squirt when striking a cue ball.

Standard deflection shafts are cheaper and you can find them in house cues and beginners pool cues. While shafts with low deflection properties can be found in most intermediate to advanced pool sticks.


The next thing to consider is the ferrule of the cue. A good ferrule will be made of a durable material and will not come loose.


You should also consider the warranty of the cue. A good cue will come with a lifetime warranty. This will protect you in case the cue is defective. In some cases, manufacturers can only offer up to a year of protection against warpages. If you’re going to be using your cue a lot, then it’s important to get a warranty that will cover you for longer.

What weight of pool cue should I use?

Pool cues come in a variety of weights, from 16 ounces to 21 ounces. The weight you choose should be based on your personal preference. If you have never played with a pool cue before, it is recommended that you start with a lighter cue.

This will help get used to the feel of the cue and learn how to control it. As you become more comfortable with using a pool cue, you can move up to a heavier one

Does an expensive pool cue make a difference?

Expensive pool cues come with a lot of bells and whistles like exotic woods, inlays, and custom wraps.

While these cues may look nice, they will not automatically make you a better player. It is important to practice consistently whether you have a beginner or a very expensive custom cue. Also, find a cue that feels comfortable in your hand and gives you the right amount of weight and balance.

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