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Jessica W

Photographer & Bookworm

Owner. Professional Photographer. Bookworm. Loves to travel and meet new people.

Jessica Withey is a photographer, traveler, and bookworm from Manhattan, NYC. She loves to meet new people and see new places, and she’s always looking for the next adventure.

Her favorite thing about being a photographer is that it lets her be creative in so many different ways.

She also loves that it allows her to work with people on their most important days—weddings!

And since she’s always on the move, Jessica makes sure to take advantage of every moment by documenting everything she sees along the way.

She’s a big fan of Colleen Hoover and James Clear—and you can bet she’ll have something to say about the books that inspire her.

Hannah B.

Photographer. Loves fiction. Blogger. Graphic Designer.

Alex M.

Book collector. Loves Basketball and Tennis. Web developer.

Jess S.

Entrepreneur. Dreamer. Novels are her weakness.

Anita K.

Certified bookworm. Loves to go places. Blogger.

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